Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Well, I couldn't do it. After Moab I just was not satisfied and did not want the season to end. It seemed Carson felt the same way when I mentioned I wanted to do another race. He emailed me this site; http://www.12hrsoftemecula.com/12hrsoftemeculapage1.html. I am not ready to end the season. I feel I finally peaked at Wolverine Ridge and had a good recovery of two weeks hunting. I just didn't want to "WASTE" all that work I did for the whole year. So I've switched around my schedule, got permission from Dot and it looks like we are go to do the 12 hours of Temecula- "The ARANTIX duo"! I'm pretty excited about it and it looks like Lester and maybe Chris from Delta 7 sports might come. Hopefully Chris and KC will come as well. If nothing else it will hopefully be a nice 'sunny' ride in California.

So I am back to training. And the weather has been so good that its been great. I've ridden 5 of the last 7 days up corner canyon and as you can see from the pictures, the fall colors have been beautiful up there. Most of Ghost and Clark's is covered with a carpet of leaves making it somewhat slick but gorgous.
I've done the Clarks TT each time (at about 90% effort) and pulled out an 11:50 today. My best has been 10:59 in July but this is the closest since.

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