Thursday, December 25, 2008


A Christmas Thank You to my ER staff.....


Tis the season of expected Joy and Happiness

but this brings our ER the psychosocial mess

Yes, our thoughts must be askew

For we are the 24/7 crew

You heal those hurting on the inside and out

You offer compassion even when you want to shout

You reach out to our patients sick and in need

from holding their hands to helping them breathe

This is the season of personal sacrifice

Ignoring your own needs must suffice

In return, you are blessed with honor and respect

the priceless value of which we should all reflect

Whether you are a nurse, EMT or a clerk

You are my team of heavenly Angels at work

(thank you for working with this jerk)

For what you do every single day is the reason

I want to give you heart-felt thanks, this season

As a small token of my appreciation

In this time of economic depreciation

And in line with the rising of the Obamanomic day

In your name I will donate to the Provo United way

As he says; for our country’s health

we should spread the wealth.

With true gratitude, $500 I will donate

to put food on a hungry plate

May you have a very merry Christmas

and an ER New Year with less mess!

Karl Vizmeg MD

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