Saturday, February 21, 2009


OK, Here are the disclaimers for this blog: I got permission from the wife to post this AND DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!

So Dot and I were headed back to the resort with our rental bikes after a great day of riding the trails of Mazatlan (see post below). We were headed through town and riding mostly on the sidewalks to be "safer". I was ahead and pointed out a few obstacles to avoid along the way. They were the same each time so after the third one I assumed she knew to look out for them. Plus I am sure she was thinking, "Duh! I can see those!". Well I am riding along and this gal in a white sports car honks at me. For a minute I thought as usual it was because of my cool ARANTIX bike but immediately realized I wasn't riding it. So I looked back and there was my wife sprawled on the ground straddling the obstacle!

So what does a husband say in a situation like this? UH, dear, there were three of those before this one that you missed? What were you thinking? No, I said, "Are you all right dear?" Although, I saw she was getting up and new she at least didn't need 'emergency' treatment.

She wasn't happy. She luckily had seen the hole at the last minute as she looked up from her sight-seeing and had swerved just in time. She dove off her bike and across the womanhole.

She had bruises and scrapes on her left arm and shoulder and left thigh and both knees. She also had hit her left jaw and chin. Luckily, she had her helmet on!


She also had a small but deep cut under her chin. I figured it probably needed to be fixed. So normally I carry a suture kit with me. I had packed it in my suitcase before we came but then I thought Dot would be annoyed at me for using up so much space so I only brought a few bandaids. She didn't think that was a smart move.

So there we are back at the resort trying to figure out what two doctors should do. It wasn't a huge cut and would likely heal OK but I didn't want it to scar too much. I could fix it but needed sutures or even Dermabond (the skin glue would likely work) We had the conceirge call a local pharmacy figuring everything in Mexico was over the counter. NOPE. They said we have to go to a doctor. So we heard there was a doctor at the resort. Well she said on the phone that a room consult would be $50 and in her office it would be $40. I know; for most of you that would be a deal relative to an ER visit in the US. Well we wanted to do it ourselves. So what if we go into town and check out a few other pharmacies? Dot, agreed and we headed in leaving he boys with the grandparents. By this time Dot had ingested some "anesthesia" and was feeling "better".

So in town, we hit two more pharmacies and non of them had sutures or skin glue. Where could we get some glue? We went back to Kelly's bike shop to lament about her injuries. Fernando noted that next door there was a Paper supply store. Well wouldn't you know it, they had some Krazy Kola Loka! Well that name sure seemed to fit the situation!
I have patients come in all the time saying they tried gluing their cuts together with super glue and I tell them it's probably not a good idea. Well, in reality under the right circumstances (which of course this was) it can work. You see Dermabond is nearly the same formulation as Super glue. It just dries harder and is not as soft and pliable. Also, even to use Dermabond the wound has to be clean, small, not bleeding and the edges able to be approximated while the glue sets. Well wouldn't you know it, she met all the above criteria! Problem solved! Thanks to Krazy Kola Loka, we fixed the cut and she looks pretty as ever! Well except maybe for the the huge black and blue bruises on her thigh.

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Anonymous said...

I always use superglue when I have cuts on my fingers. I never knew it wasn't good for you.