Sunday, August 2, 2009


The new Canyons course is my kind of course. Good steady climbing and quick descents with fair room to pass. I got off to a great start up the road climb and was feeling good. Even at the top I was not feeling too winded and by that time I had creeped to the front from my usual back of the pack start. By then, I had passed Fred Porter as well which should have given me a clue. But I was feeling good and besides I had been working on my endurance for Leadville and felt I should be able to keep up the pace. (forshadowing) I went into the first full lap climb strong as well and caught and passed Karl who beat me last race by one minute. The only other rider ahead of me that I could recall in our group was Sam. Then I hit the second full lap climb and noticed it wasn't as easy as the first time. I saw Fred in the distance behind me so I figured I'd better turn it up. But the legs said "Surprise! we're done!" I burned them out? How could that be?
Well, Fred caught me at the start of that climb and I just kept getting slower! Well maybe I could hang on.. NOPE! Karl came sneaking up as I was cresting the top of the climb and I knew he was a better downhiller than I so I let him go. Crap! I dropped from 2nd to 4th in the last 1/4 of the race.

What worries me is why? Am I out of shape and NOT ready for Leadville? Was the 2 1/2 lap pre-ride thurs too close to the race? Am I over trained (most doubtfull), Was it too hot? I don't know. Worst of all I am scheduled to ride the RANATAD ( Ride Around Nebo and Timpanogos in A Day-165 mile road ride) monday and am not sure where my legs are. More on that ride later.

Dot took first despite all of her usual angst about the race. I am going to ignore her anxiety from now on since it seems to be all ritual and never really what her races end up as. Maybe I need to have more anxiety....

Jonny was disappointed with his 5th place and Joey did his usual 13th or so and was complacent with it.


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