Thursday, June 17, 2010


The make up race at Deer Valley looked pretty gloomy just before the start. It was cold and rainy. Not much of a chance for a warm up which was badly needed to be able to attach Little Stix. I started off my usual crazy speed, burned my lungs out and took nearly the whole first lap to recover. Old habits die hard. But in a way it made sense this time since we were only doing two laps due to lack of daylight. The second lap was much better, even up Little stix. I missed out on 7th place by just a couple of seconds. I got caught on the last long down hill towards the finish behind another category racer and didn't push to pass. By the time I did and noticed that I was catching up with my category racer we were near the finish, he new I was coming on and I couldn't finish it. Over all it was a good race, poor finish. I really only once thought about my shoulder on rough downhill section.

MOST IMPROVED MAD DOG RACER AWARDI have to highlight Kevin Moffit in this blog. IF there was an award for most improved racer it would be given to him. It seems just last year he started in beginner, quickly moved to sport and was winning. This year he jumped to Expert and has jumped to firsts right off the bat. Now that's acceleration! Not bad for an old guy (49) who hasn't raced before. He has done something right through this miserable winter. His genes must not be bad, either, which he passed on to Joseph (18) who just also won the expert 19-29 category. GOOD JOB Moffits! RESPECT..

ARANTIX II miles: 470

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StupidBike said...

no shit about Kevin, just having an amazing year. he makes me cry, regularly.

I thought I had him at DV, but when he went by at the bottom of deer crest on lap 2, I had nothing.