Tuesday, August 17, 2010

MIA- Maui In Action

Alas, I've missed the last ICUP race of the season. Not exactly what I planned on for the end of the season but the family comes first and this something they HAD to do. I suppose they really didn't drag me kicking and screaming. I did get some road riding in which made the trip. Has anyone ridden around West Maui before? It has some incredible ups and downs and so many turns that it almost felt like MTB riding. I did inquire about some real MTB rides but was told it was all private. About the most they would do at the shop was point in the general direction. I'll try it next time (if there is one).


Anonymous said...

Life must be really hard riding in Maui! ;-)


Keith said...

I wanted to ride while there, but didn't. There is a great (supposedly) downhill off Haleakala down the spine of one of the ridges, but I didn't research it more than that, some of the shops must know of it.