Tuesday, April 29, 2008

ICUP races-

Here are the basics of the next two races the ARANTIX and I were in for historical filler.

After the Tuscon races I was feeling pretty good and stoked and couldn't help having illusions of crushing the competition. Well there has been crushing but not the type I was thinking of...

St. George, UT

The first race of the local Intermountain Cup series was in St George the first weekend of March.

I got out to a real strong start actually leading for a few seconds (yes just a few) but then thinking I was going out too hard I slowed down to third and held that for 2/3 of the first lap until I crashed. I got scraped up a bit and the Arantix took it well. Well I dropped to 6th then and never saw the front pack again. Disappointing. Well I figured there was always the next race.

Hurricane, UT

The first weekend of April was the Cholla challenge in Hurricane. It was a course I missed last year and was not very fond of once I pre-rode it the day before the race. Well I got a weak start for the race and just had nothing in my legs from the start. I came in 5th but out of a field of 8. Not very satisfying.

I actually think I had overtrained. I was sore all the time since St George and never felt as strong since that race. Anyway, I had to do something fast since we were headed to the Sea Otter Classic in Monterey CA the following week. I was worried.

Remember; the rate limiting component in cycling is the engine. Ride on.....

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