Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Here it goes. My first blog (the ARANTIX's too). Ive been riding the Arantix since February just before our first race. The first production bikes have gone out this month and the press coverage has been picking up for her. There have been a lot of the same questions like: What about the mud? How do you clean it? Does it act like a cheese grater when you fall on it? (Stay tuned for answers). So I felt it was time to share my experiences.

I now have just about 500 miles on her! And what a ride she's given me so far! Ouch....

The next few postings will be catch up on the last couple of months so they may be short.

Please feel free to ask questions or provide feedback on this blog as well as any of your experiences with an Arantix.

I look forward to hearing from you.

ER Dog

Remember; the rate limiting component in cycling is the engine. Ride on.....

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