Saturday, April 4, 2009


No, not me, Dot! We went down to Hurricane for the Colla Challenge today. 8 hours of driving for a less than 2 hour race. Crazy but fun! We were planning on making it a weekend of it but the boys got sick. They were a bit better but in no shape for long drive. So Oma watched the boys for the day.

This year Dot moved "up" to the sport class from the 35+ 'old lady category'. So now she is racing younger gals AND twice the distance. She was apparently in 4th until the last couple hundred yards when she snuck up on the 26 yo in front of her and beat her by a couple seconds. Pretty exciting stuff from what I hear. I was still racing.

You heard it hear first! Dot must have been feeling pretty good after the race since she has agreed to race with Whitney in the Perfect 10 in Park City this year. I've been trying to get her to do a distance race for a while. Should be interesting.

I did not fair as well. I started out feeling really strong and probably got a little cocky and went out too hard. By the end of the second lap I got passed by Bob (his blog has a better description of the race) and Tim who I passed earlier. I never saw them again. I was barely able to maintain my position the third lap and ended up finishing 7th. It was a fun course but flat enough that you had to grind the whole time and there was not much rest possible. Over all a good day, but back to the work outs. I hope the weather clears.

How can a guy that dresses like this and rides a totally rigid single speed beat us all? He took first......RESPECT.

Carson and Scott rode down with us. Scott raced his single speed for the first time planning on it "just being a training ride". So he shocked us all when he pulled out a second place. Way to go! Carson is returning from a back injury and will keep working towards racing the 18 hours of Fruita with me in one month. Anyone else considering racing it?


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29er said...

Great report and great pics. Yes, the 35+ category was no longer worthy to compete with Dot's power racing skills- but still, watch it with the "old lady" label Karl...