Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Saturday I paid the price for taking a "break" from training. Carson and I once again teamed up to take on Sundance's finest in a 12 hours race. As you can see we survived and Carson was even smiling!

This was Carson's day all the way. In an uncharacteristic move I took the first cold morning lap. This was because I new I had to be done early to get to work on time (yes. Crazy, but the only way I could do the race). I wasn't warmed up and hadn't been doing intervals for the last month so I really felt it in my lungs the first lap. I found myself dropped from the lead group to leas the middle group. But that's generally where I am at anyway. I came in at about 43 minutes. Carson took his turn and came in at a screaming 41 or so. That set the stage for the rest of the race. I never felt really bad and was actually relaxed and having fun but the legs just didn't have what I had expected of them. I continued to drop almost a minute per lap while Carson was rather consistant and at the most was only dropping 1/2 a minute per lap. Nevertheless we were against some stiff competition and were in a solid 4th place the whole time. I had a good time with the large Mad Dog crowd that showed up. This was a contrast to last year when I did it solo and felt lonely the whole time.

The hang out between laps.


ARANTIX II Miles: 1350

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Carson said...

Thanks Karl. Good luck in Ohio.