Tuesday, October 13, 2009


So as I was saying until I fell asleep at the keyboard last night (I did a night shift the day before):

The last lap-5. Two of us had to do an extra 5th lap and the natural lineup called for it to be Carson and I. I was actually kind of looking forward to it. I REALLY felt good on the fourth lap at night so I was hoping to redeem my frustrating first two laps. There was no pressure since at that point we realized we had no hope of placing above 6th place, but I wanted to end on a good lap. And it turned out to be just that. It flowed, there were less riders to pass (or be passed by) and my legs were still not cramping! As a matter of fact my back was starting to get sore from the endo and standing up actually felt better. The legs took this pretty good and I was able to put in a reasonable time of 1:22.

Moab has become tradition. It is a way for the Mad Dog team to hang out and connect. There is more time for getting to know each other in a common setting that we are comfortable in. Then our character is tested by the course and respect is earned from the accomplished challenge we have set before us.

Special thanks for Keith for going through the brain damage of organizing and running the camp. And Abby (and by default the hubby-Scott) plus Marci the assistant for the great cook'in and nur'shm'nt she provided for everyone. And as usual my teammates; Carson the smug- garsh I'm just too fast and don't want anyone to know it, Keith the daddy, captain, husband and Oh by the way fast rider in his spare time, and Scott- Mr. nice to everyone, how can I help you, I'll race my heart out for the team.



Keith said...

It was a blast Karl. Great to be on our old team again. I suprised even myself with my times. I'm already anticipating next year and going sub 1:10! It's about 10 lbs of belly fat away. Thanks for being part of the MD team, you and Dot and the boys are great examples to all of us.

Aaron said...

You were killing it on those 4th and 5th laps. It was good motivation for the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Great Job Karl... Count me in for next year...

Anonymous said...

It was great watching all of you race. It was amazing how you kept going and going and going.