Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fall Riding the Mistress etc.

Just like everyone else seems to be blogging about fall riding, so must I. It's just too beautiful not to take a few pics. Yesterday, I hit Jamie's mistress, Silly Little Urban Trail (SLUT) etc........ If you have not been on Jamie's email list you have missed a great barrage of name suggestions. All deal with the fact that Jamie has been out of the house for some reason (he says it was trail work) but Whitney has caught on and dubbed the trail "the Mistress" and from there it went downhill. Here is a video Jamie made of the trail. I rode her yesterday and it was fun. It'll be better after of winter pack.

Today I went up Clark's and across up to the South Suncrest trail. I've only been on it once before. It's fun, although overgrown in several spots. It dumps you out near the downhill course at the top of SunCrest. Now that's a blast! Luckily there are some bypass "blue" lines that avoid some crazy jumps.
So does the sign mean free ride bikes only or that you can only ride one way?
Nice ramp? Where does it go?
The other side....

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Anonymous said...

The bottom part of that downhill is confusing as hell. I almost thought that I had stumbled upon a paint ball arena. The down hill specific trail out at Eagle Mnt is much, much better...