Tuesday, January 12, 2010

St George- Out and back in 14 hours

I was desperate to get out of this foul air soup and to ride. Luckily Carson was too and we took off yesterday to St George. It was "terrible"! (That's the official line we decided to give our wives)
In reality we hit temperatures up to 60 degrees F, no wind, clear sunny skies, no smog and 5 hours of riding. Moving down there crosses my mind every time I ride there in the winter- but then summer is a different story.
This is from Sidewinder off of Barrel Roll. We also hit Barrel Roll, Black Brush, Zen, Bear Claw Poppy.
We had soooo much fun that we are rethinking Temecula. It is the same weekend as Camp Linda and as one wise blogger put it, "it is 3 more days of riding with half the drive". That's hard to argue with. So at this point it looks like it will be Camp Linda unless the weather is awful, then we will continue driving to CA.

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