Saturday, January 30, 2010

How to Keep An Active Women Sane....

So far Dot is doing well at home; relatively independent about getting up and around- even going up and down stairs (Yes, I warned her not too!). But, right now she is definitely reminded of her limitations by the surgical pain and very slowly improving stomachaches. This has kept her cautious and seemingly resigned to resting. Also, emotionally she seems to be comfortable with the situation she is dealing with- at least on the outside.
What happens next is my next concern. For a VERY active person I've been wondering how she would handle "going cold turkey" from working out. She has been advised no strenuous activity for about 6 weeks and that would be like twice as much time off of working out as she has taken our whole married life. Yes, maybe that's a little exaggerated but you get the picture. How she will handle this is a nagging thought in the back of my mind. The good thing is that she is very attuned to her emotional needs and I trust she will do well- as long as her husband stays out or her way.

OK, so as soon as I pushed the publish button, Dot came in and said, "I think I am in trouble: I'm bored.".... See what I mean?


patty said...

Find her some good books to read.

ER Dad said...

Good idea. Tasha is planning on a cycling chic book club for her which she is looking forward to.

Anonymous said...

Lessee, she has the Daisy, the pellet trap, some silhouettes... The chickens make a satisfying SMACK when you hit them squarely.