Monday, July 5, 2010


YES, I was desperate on Kelleys Island in OH this weekend and in a moment of weakness I broke down and cheated on my Arantix. How could I pass up this old girl for the weekend? The ripped and lumpy jell seat was icing on my butt. I rode her all weekend but in the end I was glad to get back and see my little web frame.

We did have a great time with in impromptu reunion of Vizmeg's. There were about 50 of us. It's easy to forget that there's a good many of us in OHio when you are the lone ones in UT.

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Daniel said...

Ya, you're not alone, I cheat on my bike too sometimes when I go to my sister's place in North Carolina. I get to ride a 1990 Nishiki with the first ever made Rock Shox, that bike felt like riding with no suspension! Wish I had my Superfly!