Saturday, July 10, 2010

Solitude State Championship

Since my return to racing this year, this race was the one I worked the most, hurt the most but did the worst. I just couldn't recover during the first long climb no matter how much I slowed down. It took until after the final brutal road climb to get my HR down. I felt a huge difference when I compared how I felt and was riding in the same areas last year. I just don't have the endurance and power in the legs like I had. By the third lap my legs AND lungs had it and I hit the wall. There was carnage out there, though. Bob, Sam and Fred in our category had significant mechanicals. I guess I should feel fortunate.

After the race I had to do some Mad Dog Insurance plan work. I hope he liked the embroidery.

The team had a mini BBQ party afterward. Thanks, Jesse, for the brats. They hit the spot!

Even the mother in law showed up. She started hitting on the harry sleestack thing. It couldn't have been 'cause of the cash in his hand.

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