Thursday, September 23, 2010

Super Stans

Holes, Holes, Holes is what I had in my tire all year. And you know what? It wasn't a problem! The next day after every ride I would see these wet spots in my rear tire. There were at least twenty at a time. If you know these Maxxis LUST Larsen TT's (don't ask me what the LUST stands for) you know these are worn pretty thin. I've had the same tube ALL year starting last fall! You'd think with all those holes I'd be pumping it up every day. Nope- maybe once a month. So what's going on? Well as many of the converts know IT'S STANS notubes. This stuff is incredible! Normally with tubes I'd have had to change the inner tube at least a dozen times with all those annoying little holes. I haven't had a flat all year! The Stan's just plugs the holes. I've really only added stans twice since the initial set up. You'd think it would seep itself dry in a matter of months. I finally changed it last week before the 12 hours, figuring Carson wouldn't appreciate it if I did have a flat because I was running such thin tires. It still had a good amount of juice in it when I opened it up. Bottom line: Why would ANYONE use inner tubes?

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