Saturday, September 25, 2010

Shouldn't of changed the tires!

Two weeks after I change my tires I lose control and crash into a tree. Coincidence? Do you have more baking power without the nubs- like with a worn out tire- or with a new one?

Anyway, Carson and I were doing a night ride and were flying DOWN Canyon Hollow (still near the top) on our "last" descent when while I was minding my own Bidness a tree jumped out at me! So you have to picture that I had both my garmin 705 on the front and my AY UP lights just in front of that. Lots of expensive gear on top, but how often do you really hit something head on- Really? Well in my 20 foot skid while my slow mind was trying to decide whether to lay it down or just keep hoping that if I opened my eyes wide enough and kept staring at the tree I'd stop in time or it would disappear I did the later by default. I heard a bunch of stomach turning crunching and snapping with a bunch of dollar signs flying everywhere realizing there would be lots of gizmos to replace but surprisingly not even thinking of bodily harm. OH, I forgot to mention that I had a set of AY UP lights on my helmet which was also heading for the tree. I finally came to a stop, my lights on the bike were out, I did a systems check on the body and I was breathing and then I turned my undamaged helmet light on, on my broken helmet and surveyed the scene. As you can see there was enough of a hit that the brake lever snapped off and the light and the Garmin were gone. I found the light hanging by the cord off the front. Carson thankfully didn't run me over and was there to help. He plugged the light in and it was working. Meanwhile I unclipped from the Arantix and found the garmin on the ground intact and working! This was the same Garmin that I had just had replaced last week when I broke the last one- ON A NIGHT RIDE then too! Wow so I actually escaped that pretty well with only needing to replace the brake and maybe the shifter. The casing is broke but it works- so far. Anyone with a grip shifter for sale?

Yeah, Yeah, I know that was kind of long for something I could have just said, "I crashed" but I know anyone that has had a "good" crash can attest that there is a lot of stuff that flashes in your mind at that OH Shit! moment. It's all good when we can ride or walk away and tell about it.

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Jam said...

Thanks for the salmon Karl. :) Glad you are okay. I'll send some jalapeno jelly and frozen strawberry jam your way!