Wednesday, October 20, 2010


"The team" after my fifth and last lap- Carson, Keith, Ty and I

I am sure most of us usually feel like we are juggling several things in our lives at once and most of the time we just get it done and keep juggling. Well since the 24 hours of Moab I've felt like those things were starting to fall down on top of me. PLUS I got one of the nastiest colds I've had in a long time since the race. No I am really not trying to complain, but just wanted to provide an excuse for getting this report out 10 days late. I'm sure you've all gone on with other things by now.

The short of it was that we got 4th in the Men's Veteran (35+) category. We were 5 minutes out of 3rd and just 10 minutes ahead of 5th.
The long is that it was one of the fastest and funnest 24 Hours of Moab I've done! This I believe is my 7th race down there. The weather was perfect and the course was one of the fastest. We had both new and old faces in camp and supported nearly 50 people. The Billings family managed to feed the whole lot of us with the best tasting food yet.
Abby (left) the Awesome Chef!

The awesome assistants!

Except for the start of sore throat and cold, I felt great, had my lines down on the technical stuff and had my fastest times ever. AND this was the first year I didn't run the Laman's start. Our newbie, Ty did just great using my strategy and his Tri experience to get a good position out front. I was happy with my first lap of 1:13 but even happier with my 5th lap at 1:15!

Look at those Maddoggers run!

And last but not least, Scott the best supporting Chef, husband, team assistant and dad ever!

All in all again this was the best way to torture one self- with great weather, food and friends!

I just thought this was a cool picture- not really burning down the camp


Keith said...

It was great racing with you Karl. Rumor is there may be a different course next year. Could make for an interesting 2011.

Aaron said...

Great racing by all of your team. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't looking to catch you all day, but you held us off. Another great and memorable weekend of racing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for your help with my injuries! I don't know if you heard but turned out the tuft fracture was comminuted. Just send the bill to my husband! :-)