Sunday, June 15, 2008


A group of 7 Mad Dog riders got together for an epic 3.5 hour (actual ride time) tour of Corner Canyon. We warmed up in the "Vizmeg Pasture course" and tried out my new teeter totter.

Below: Me going off of it a bit fast. It's a bit short so if you don't go slow it's more like a ramp and a jump.

We head off from my house to start off with Clark's TT. I lead off and blew up half way into it and pulled a 12:25. 3 day before that I did it in 11:38. Carson was behind me pushing me and finally got tired of me and passed. His monitor was broken so we don't have an official time but I suspect he was sub 11 minutes. He'll have to do it again soon. Scott beat me by about 30 sec also. I''ll have to work on my sprints.

We headed over the mountain and hit a great banked downhill gully ride into Alpine. I crashed (the Arantix survived better than I, OUCH!). Then we headed back up Hog's hollow for a nice steady climb. From the top of Corner Canyon we tried the new Ghost falls trail. Dwight crashed and dislocated a finger. I should have taken a picture before I reduced it. All was good and we were at about the 1.5 hour mark. Next, we cut across to BST North and down the fun descent to Orsen trailhead to refill our water. We then climbed Corner canyon back to the BST and headed South. We crossed Rambling road and then went up, Up, UP to the suncrest trail heading towards the Glider park. At this point we were just about 3 hours into it and we were dragging since the pace was NOT a slow one so far. I think the ridge ride to the Glider park is extremely fun so I kept pushing the group. We got out to the point and despite the long ride so far, riders were smiling. We backtracked and dropped down through the golf course section of the race course and headed home. The Ice cold watermelon afterwards tasted AWESOME! I heard suggestions that we should make this ride a yearly tradition.

Picture #2 Brad finishing the Clark's TT. Although, he didn't do the TT part this time.

Picture #3
L to R: Carson- Arantix #2 , Scott- still smiling after 3 hours, Bill-give me some legs, Brad- I think I'll do intervals before my 3 hour ride, Dwight-crooked finger, Tim- I'm spent but I'll keep going, Me-in disguise!

Bueatiful Day, Great course, Good company, Tired legs, Cold watermelon after the ride, What else can a MTB rider want?.....

Arantix logged miles over 800!

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