Sunday, June 22, 2008

High Uintas Classic

Well a roadie I ain't. 4 hours on a road bike?...... Well the picture about sums it up.

It was an unusual start this year in the fact that the whole large group stayed together until the big climbing started. There were no small factions taking off. There did seem to be more of a headwind on the ascent from previous years. Well finally about 1:20 into the race the climbing started and the group broke apart. I was not used to going so slow off the start so my legs were itching to go. The first ascent at Provo falls went really well and I was hopeful but by the time we began the next ascent my legs were feeling it. This tells me the rest of the year will be climbing training. That's about when Bruce Lyman passed me and I never saw him again. (Bruce, you got a time of 3:59 and 5th place). Once I got to the top I hooked up with one other guy in the group and we worked our way down. Once we got past Bear River lodge we took on another rider and a tandem couple. Wow they kicked, Butt! They pulled the group for at least 50% of the time. I hung on until about 7 miles left and the legs gave up and cramps set in. I was able to work them out by doing alternate leg pedaling but I had no power left. I turned in a time of 4:02 and 7th place. All in all I felt I strategically raced it well, staying in the front with the main group and finding a strong group the rest of the way to pull me on. I just wish my legs had a bit more in them. I've never had my quads ache so much as right after this race.

Interestingly, my time last year was 3:46 and 5 th place but comparing the times of the first place finishers between the last two years showed this years times to be about 10-15 minutes slower.

The Arantix got a break this week but we are planning on hitting the NORBA race at Deer Valley this Saturday. Hope the legs recover.

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