Monday, June 30, 2008

Deer Valley NORBA Nationals June 28th

How did the race go? In short- it was lonely... the next place in front of me was 4 minutes away and the guy in back of me was 4 minutes away. I came in 6th in a field of 12. So it really seemed like a good fast 2 hour ride. I pushed hard but didn't cramp up. I was feeling pretty good despite not being sure whether I recovered completely from the HUC the week before. I came out strong at the start and was in fourth for most of the first long climb but then at the top was passed by two guys and I never saw them again. I did hit the wall on the last couple switch backs of the last climb which made me nervous since I was not sure how far the next place was behind me. What I liked about the NORBA race is that they put your group number on your leg so you know when you pass or get passed whether they are in your category. It makes it easier to guage where you are in the race. Ultimately, I think again it was lack of the climbing legs I had last year. I got to get them back.....

The rest (Carson) of the Arantix team did well. Carson got the Arantix converted over to the 69'r and a new derailer hanger put on and seemed ready for the race at the start. I asked him how he did and he wasn't sure. Well wouldn't you know it he pulled out an AWESOME 2nd place!

So I had to get a picture with him for posterity sake. Way to go!
Chris and KC raced also. Chris place a repectable 7th in a large semi-pro group and KC did awesome in her national pro debue at 15th in a 30+ numbered group.


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KC said...

I thought we all had a better showing here than at our last NORBA experience. Great Job!