Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sea to Sea

I just wanted to let those that might be interested know of a neat bike group coming through Salt Lake this weekend. Sea to Sea is a church organized group of 200 bikers riding across the country from Washington to Jersey City raising money and awareness of the cycle of poverty. Dot's Uncle, John Vandersteen, is riding in it. They will be coming from Willard on Saturday the 19th and up immigration canyon to the Jordanelle to take the day off on Sunday. Dot and I are helping with the dinner for them on Sunday 20th at Jordanelle Reservoir Park 4-7 pm. It is neat to see various religious organizations work towards many of the the same needs in this world. It would be great if the cycling community and the SLC community in general could give them welcome, support and encouragement as they pass through on their journey. Please pass this on to friends and family that might be interested and able to contribute in some way.

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Tasha said...

This is very cool. Brad, the girls and I would love to help out on Sunday. It would be very cool to watch them cycle in to Jordanelle. How can we get involved?