Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wolverine Ridge pre-rides


This is a pic from the Wolverine Ridge course at the top through the burned out area. What a contrast the bright blooming flowers are with the skeletons of the burned trees.

We were at our cabin which happens to be 2 miles from the course so I got to pre-ride the course twice this weekend. Despite the fact that it is about as clean of rocks as I've seen it sure beats you up. Also, interesting is the fact that my ride after working all night without sleep and driving to the place for 2 hours was better and faster than the second one two days later. Go figure. I'll have to schedule my shifts the nights before the races. Although, I tried that 2 years ago for the Snowbird race. I threw up.

Kendra and her family were up with us and did the ride as well. They both survived.
While Dot and Kendra were off biking I had the kids, so we went to Deadman Mountain (real name). I got to be the ghost of deadman. They took off and I got to track them for over an hour. It was pretty impressive how they kept their cool and made decisions together when they hadn't seen me for 1/2 hour. Once I scared them over a mile away from the ATV they still were oriented to it's direction. I was impressed. (Below: Mandy, Jonny, Joey)

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Anonymous said...

What a blast for the kids. Thanks for entertaining them while Dot & I rode. Mandy had a great time playing on the mountain.