Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Solitude July 5th

SUMMARY: Worst pre-ride Thursday, Worst race Saturday. Why did I even show up?

Wednesday evening I started to get chills and muscle aches and by Thursday morning when I had the morning scheduled off to pre-ride Solitude I was feeling awful. I new I had a viral infection but thought maybe I could "ride it off". I could barely finish one lap at a snails pace!
But I was preregistered and the whole family was racing so I figured I'd still show up Saturday. The muscle aches actually were better by Friday night. So I showed up and thought I was going to race. Well it really was all I could do to finish the 3 1/2 laps. I just had NO power in my legs. Even my lungs weren't cooperating. Many times I thought I'd not finish the race but figured the least I could do was keep going. I was last by a mile and I believe the last one off the course.
I am officially frustrated with this season. By the way I got a good sized puncture on the last lap but the Stan's held after about 1/2 mile of spitting and spewing. I actually finished without having to add air.

950 miles on the Arantix to date. (I hear the lock out for the fork is in. It'll be nice to try it at snowbird)

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KC said...

Solitude is a tough course and can be miserable when you are not feeling 100%. Kudos for not taking the DNF. That shows character and sets a great example for your boys. Keep plugging along--it takes the lows for us to truely understand and appreciate the highs. And they will come.