Friday, September 19, 2008


HERE IT IS! The debue of the new Delta 7 Sports road bike, the ASCEND! The frame comes in at the industries lightest of 1.8 lbs and I bet from my experience with the ARANTIX, stronger than any carbon fiber made. The ride is smooth without jarring but quick and responsive. It will have its first appearance at Interbike (booth 215) next week. I'll post more pics and a component list from the show.


StupidBike said...

ask them when they plan on a CX bike, and I will be more than willing to be there guinea pig :)

Anonymous said...

Kris is very cool, you might have a chance if you ask nice. I want a CX as well, although they built this after the first year of releasing the MTB. A CX is very possable. Both of the bikes are AMAZING and climb like a rocket!
Andrew G
Boulder CO