Thursday, September 18, 2008


What a bad ride I had today! This was the first day after the 12 hours solo Sat. and my legs weren't feeling too bad (so I thought). I also had to return the ARANTIX to the Delta 7 Sports team to "touch" up and pack up for the Interbike show next week.

So there I was today setting up my "old" (Specialized stumpjumper expert) bike which I have NOT ridden ALL year. So I pick it up to take off the rack and think "Wow this thing is heavy!" Next, I get on the bike and think wow this is nice and soft.... But then I start pedaling. Holly cow I felt like I was slogging through 3 inch deep mud! I've raced this bike for two years and felt it rode well and I was doing good, but today I could hardly get it to move. It didn't have a bounce but you could tell it just 'gave' when you pushed on the pedal. I couldn't believe the difference.

Granted, part of it probably was leg fatigue from the race Sat. But that was 5 days ago and I've been Hiking and going to Karate since then and felt the quads were OK. At that point I did realize I had some patellar tendonitis which I did not feel before I got on the bike.

So I headed up Corner Canyon feeling ALL wrong. I hurt, I was slow, AAAND I was just another Joe on a bike. I didn't have that special "Wow!" feel when I ride the ARANTIX. Yeah, I know that's pretty egocentric but I realized that I did get used to everyone giving me (the ARANTIX) a second look.

I got out for about an hour and I couldn't do it anymore and headed home.

I did ride through the burned out section from the fire we had earlier this month. It was pretty unreal how barren things looked

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