Thursday, September 25, 2008


How cool would it be to have all bikes and related products be in one place for you to try them out? Well that's what the Dirt Demo was all about. It was held at Bootleg Canyon (see my Sea Otter blog) and I had the 'chore' of riding "my" ARANTIX around all day. Unfortunately, I was still nursing my knee tendinitis which flared up. But it sure was a fun day on Tuesday. The picture above is of the Delta 7 sports booth.


After the Dirt Demo Tuesday night, we headed to set up the booth for Interbike. We worked until 9:30 and then finally headed for Dinner with the Delta 7 sports team. What made the long day worth it was the team. Everyone, was dedicated without complaints and continued to work until the job was done.

The next morning I picked up Carson and we sneaked out for a ride down south at the city of Blue Diamond. It was great desert riding until Carson had a flat and we had technical difficulties with getting it repaired. Carson had to hike out quite a distance while I went to get the truck to pick him up. The morning was frustrating, but we did find a great trail system that we WILL try again. We headed back to the convention to put in some work for the afternoon. It was a great experience representing the company and bike. It was pretty easy since I've had such a great experience with ARANTIX this year. Let's hope for another year!


I had to head home Thursday but without one most last "training" ride. Carson and I got up before dawn and headed back to Bootleg Canyon. We did the big loop called "Mother" around the whole ridge. We mad good time and found that we had time to do some more "playing" on the down hill circuit. This old man should really learn to stay away from the kids park, though. As can be seen in the picture above there are some great toys to play on in the park. Above, I am on the teeter totter which was great. But if you look in the background to the left there is another "small" appearing board drop. Well I took this drop at an off angle and endo'd off the side. I saw my life flash before me and at the last minute tucked and rolled with it landing on my head and shoulder. I am certain the tuck and roll saved me from being paralyzed and my helmet saved me from anymore brain damage. Check out the helmet below! By the way the ARANTIX was unfazed! I really need to act my age.......
I want to thank the Delta 7 Sports team for a great time and a great product. Thanks Lester, Tyler, Jay, Kris, Mitch, Carson, Dan and last but not least our token rose, Melanie!

ARANTIX MILES: 1725 and ANOTHER crash!


KanyonKris said...

I enjoyed reading about your Interbike fun.

Bootleg looks like fun.

I need to act my age too - no more crits for me since I crashed. I cracked my helmet too.

Anonymous said...

Good thing you had on your helmet. I don't know that we can ever act our age, however riding with self preservation in mind might not be a bad idea--at least some of the time. ;-)