Saturday, July 4, 2009


I rode up to Snowbird Thursday. Under 2 hours from home including up the Quarry trail. I do believe I had first tracks on the new trail since the construction guys were still "working" on it. Here's a recap:

ABOVE- Know the place? We get to miss Dick Bass Highway! This was the only section not yet finished when I was there.
The trail is quite scenic and rolls nicely (esp once it gets packed down). It is not as steep but definitely longer.

They've even got it paved for us! As you can see in the distance this heads out to the lift at the top where ED put in the switch back to slow us down on the downhill.

There is also a new old single track section about 1/2 mile long that takes you back along a service road to Mid Gad lift and then back up the usual finish. I like the changes except you'd think the dirt down hill could be bypassed!

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