Sunday, July 12, 2009


As I was seeing the MVA at 6 am Saturday morning, I was thinking maybe I shouldn't race- It'd be crazy! But by the time I got home, changed and had my coffee I was feeling better. I had a pleasant ride up with Scott B and family and arrived to to see Dot drop her chain on the last climb to the finish, thereby, missing 3rd by a few seconds. Even so, not bad. Jonny got his best finish coming in second. HAPPY, HAPPY BOY!

I had no great expectations and was satisfied starting last. But I quickly took my mid-pack place after the first long climb and settled into a pretty good rhythm. The new section of the course was not too bad and cut out a lot of the sustained climb from the old route. I consciously made myself control my effort the first two laps so as not to burn out, but then I saw Bob S. ahead of me and I got too excited and picked up my effort. I really couldn't gain ground however, and by the fourth lap he started to pull ahead and I lost him. The fourth lap I was actually feeling pretty strong but even so I knew I was slowing down relative to Bob. I finished in fourth which is better than expected AND the key was I still felt good after the race. Maybe If I pushed harder the first two laps I could have closed closer to third. Naah, probably just a dream. But, I felt good enough to ride the Arantix home which was a good warm down.


Today the whole family went up to cool off at Solitude and since we were there decided to pre-ride the course. Dot went out for a couple laps while I pre-rode the 9 and under loop with the boys. Joey cleaned the climbs for the first time on the 9 and under course! Afterwards the boys went fishing. There wasn't much action but they seemed to be having fun. We had lunch up there then I pre-rode. The new section is good (even better than Snowbird's new section) and the rest of the course has been cleaned up nicely as well.

It was a good family-bike weekend.

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