Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Should I or Shouldn't I???

I should smile more....is that a gut or does the shirt make me look fat?

St George is coming up. SOOOOOON! I will try not to whine but I am in a delemma. I can't decide whether to enter the St George race or not. I am definitely not ready physically. My left leg is still weal- but at least not cramping. I haven't ridden outside forever( I can't admit here exactly how long.) And I am growing soft here in the sun on the beach- sucks to be me :)

I really want to race but know I will get crushed. I can't spsychologically drop down a level and either way, I'd get crushed in Sport too. On the other hand, racing would get me out AND give me a very good idea where I am at relative to my competition (there will be none) and more importantly where I was in the past couple of years. And a bonus is I will finally be with the Mad Dog team who I actually think I am missing. So unless something ELSE happens I will show up and see how things shake out. I guess formulating this post helped me decide. I think.

Boys in Heaven


KanyonKris said...

Here's an option I exercised last year: go down but go for a ride instead of racing. Bear Claw Poppy, Zen and more trails are nearby. After socializing with the team, just take off for a nice ride.

You could also do a mellow pre-ride of the course before the race.

The race provides a good excuse to go down for a ride.

If I'm down there I won't be racing and would be glad to join you for a ride.

StupidBike said...

Just do it, i haven't been able to ride as much as I would like, only 1 trip south this year, as apposed to normal 5 or 6. Plus I will be in the Philippines for a week from the 20th-27th, that should be great for my placing.

Just do it, I plan on riding 4 hours on friday before too. Just cause, I wanna see how low my expectations can go....

Aaron said...

I think most of us underestimate our fitness. Even when we're fast, we think we're slow because there are faster people all around us. You were flying in October, and I bet you'll be surprised how much fitness you've retained. You may not be quite at the level you're used to, but I bet you do better than you expect. If it makes you feel any better, I've been south exactly zero times this winter, and have logged exactly zero hours on my trainer. I'm hoping that backcountry and XC skiing translate nicely to biking.

Anonymous said...

To put in the words of someone very wise that posted this comment on my blog....oh that would be you.

"Remember racing is a good motivator to set personal goals and measures. You don't have to win to feel proud of yourself."

See ya' in St. George!!! :-)


Jam said...

So you are in Mexico and you are worried about a bike race? Karl, come here so I can smack you! Its cold and getting ready to snow here. Quit stressing about it and enjoy yourself. It will all work out, you will do well in your races. Go and have a margarita for me and smile.