Thursday, February 4, 2010


So this is what my left quad looks like 3 weeks after I "twisted" my back. Any ideas?


Here is the rest of the info to go along with the above picture:
After the back injury I started to have more pain and cramping on the inside of my left leg along with weakness. It was mostly when going up stairs or standing up. The skin is numb over the quadriceps. It continued 3 more weeks until the back pain was completely gone but I felt that the quadriceps muscle was atrophying. Also, I would spin to about a HR of 120 and get SEVERE spasms in that area. So as Dot got better I got an MRI of my back to make sure there wasn't anything continuing to push on that nerve. Interestingly, the MRI showed some disc protrusion and disease, but NOT in the nerve distribution that corresponded with my weakness. Anyway, its good that I don't think I'll need surgery but unknown as to why this happened and when it will resolve. I am going to see a sports medicine doc Monday to get his opinion.

So is it Old age? I'd like to think that it is more likely a probability thing. The longer you do crazy things and the more crazy things that you do the more likely you will have an injury and pay the consequences.

What else is there, though. To lay down, rot and die?


Anonymous said...

Atrophy via spinal nerve damage?

Anonymous said...

Age related failures. Give up.


ER Dad said...

Anonymous #1: I think you are right on. Are you a neurosurgeon?

Anonymous #2: I think you are right on. Are you a jerk? :)

KanyonKris said...

An injury doesn't mean give up, but it may be a message to pull the intensity back a bit.