Sunday, April 4, 2010


This was the best part of the weekend! Dot's first ride after the surgery!

Dot, the family and in-laws picked me up at the surgical center in Provo around 9:3o am Friday and we were off to the races- except no one was planning on racing! Luckily they numbed my skalene nerve and I wasn't feeling a thing-until we got to Hurricane. We got down to wonderful weather and Dot did a "practice" lap with the boys so they could decide if they wanted to race the next day and then Dot went off to do another full adult lap! Pretty cool. She even considered racing in 35+ but we actually do have some scruples and both decided it probably wasn't the best idea. The boys decided to race. Here they are lining up. Dot rode with Jonny but Joey didn't want anyone to ride with him. I wasn't sure if it was because he is so independent and doesn't need us for support or he doesn't want anyone there so he can slack off. I believe it's the later but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.

Jonny had a hard time since he is racing the 12 and under category this year. Joey pulled out a third in the boys group and 5th overall in 9 and under. Not bad considering he was hardly sweating at the finish line.

The Mad Dog team did well and it was fun just being there to take pictures and cheer them on! Here, Carson is racing for his VERY respectable 5th place. Notable first place finishers were the Moffits- Kevin and Joseph. Good Job!

After the race the family and I parted ways. They headed home and I headed up to Gooseberry Mesa with Carson. "The Goose" is an incredible area for riding, camping and scenery! Since I couldn't ride I enjoyed a nice hike down this face toward that sun-lit Butte. It was good to test out the knee. You might be hearing more about "the Goo$e" in the next coming months since I have a special project going there.......

So it was a great weekend to get away and "get some rest" even if I had a couple aching nights. Things are feeling much better with the pecs at this time.

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