Thursday, April 1, 2010


The surgery is in the morning to reattach my boob. Then we are heading down to Hurricane to get away and to see the race crowd. "Maybe" the boys will race.

This is where I start rambling and musing, so tune out if you want.

With this string of injuries to myself and Dot, I've been thinking, "Why do we do it?" I see that same question on people's faces when I've told them about yet another injury- "What is wrong with you?" BUT, despite my third (significant) injury this year I can't think of anything except how quickly can I get back to activity. I'm sure it's a kind of addiction, but I'd like to think I could stop (yet another sign of an addict) if I wanted to. But in reality I think its just my personality. And that's hard to change. (Wow, Its kind of interesting I just wrote that since I just heard Dot say the same thing, "That's my personality and I can't change it".)

I can't just do one thing. I am a multi-tasker and get a rush out of doing many things at once.

Granted, I am not an expert at anything, but sure can do many things well. I have experienced in this life more than most will ever even dream of- anything more from now on is just icing on the cake. I feel like I am in full time bonus land. I enjoy experiencing life and if I get an occasional bump from it, well then I have to make it part of the adventure. The probabilities of something happening grow with time. I guess its my time. I'll get over it.


KanyonKris said...

To thine own self be true. Can't go wrong there.

However, I don't think that means don't ever change, or don't experiment. If you're happy with the intensity you do things, and are OK with taking the occasional lumps, then stay the course. However, these injuries may present an opportunity to change things up, try something new or a different mix. If it doesn't work it's easy to go back to what you were doing before. What does thine own self say?

Carson said...

Shit happens... To you more than others! You can always ride again and you can still were black around your slightly larger waist.

ER Dad said...

Carson, You sAck! Who said that my waste is going to get bigger! Just for that I'm going downstairs to do some situps!

Anonymous said...

You probably could go to rehab for your addiction.
When I tell friends about you and Dot they all say the same thing "doctors must love them!" Way to go to support our profession! rose