Monday, May 17, 2010


Today/Tonight I had one of the best rides of the season. Gooseberry Mesa LLC had a board meeting tonight at the Bayou (600 S State st.) One of the members suggested we ride our bikes to the meeting and I thought it was a great idea. Never mind that I let someone borrow my road bike and I had to take the ARANTIX the 19 miles to the meeting. One of the members offered to "pull me" there with the idea of taking Trax back. We had a very productive meeting (stay tuned) and had some GREAT brews from Epic Brewing, not to mention a dozen buffalo wings. While the meeting was going on I was "minding my own bidness" and I 'accidentally' ingested a bottle of the above-Brainless Golden Ale (9%etoh). The meeting was completed and not being of sound mind (or body) I suggested to the member that we could ride home. He too had an accidental ingestion episode and agreed with me. So with the dark closing in we trekked down south to home. Thank goodness the member was there 'cause he Pulled me all the way home. I wish I had a heart rate monitor on 'cause it was a race pace to keep up considering the wings were attempting to swim out of the Brainless Ale in my gut and out to the street. We made it at by dark. I must say that was the quickest way to sober up I've ever experienced. BRAINLESS!

The member-pulling me home.

The other member- whose much more down to Earth.


ER Dad said...

After reading this my blog, I wonder if I'll ever grow up.?!

KanyonKris said...

Why would you want to do that?

Brad said...

That is funny. Sounds like a great Board to be on!