Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I gave the Draper course a second try tonight. I ran into Bob S and gang as I was heading up so I shadowed them to make sure I had the course right. It was marked much better this time around as well. Kudos to the trail guys (whoever you are) because the rough stuff has been nicely fixed. The Butt-crack hill seen below from the top is rideable.
Even the really tight bank on the last single track section has been improved tremendously!The raging stream crossing is still there, but at this point it has become a classic part of the race, not to mention great entertainment value for the spectators.
It is a good combination of passing 4x4 road sections at the beginning, mixed in with a few minor technical sections, a couple short steep climbs and a bunch of tight single track. I think it will be good.
We will have a scheduled pre-ride for Mad Doggers and anyone else who wants to come this Friday at 5 pm at Equestrian center. We'll do a couple laps so if you want to come later for the second one, I'm sure you can hook up with us.


KanyonKris said...

I liked the race course too. When I first heard about the route I was concerned about some of the route choices, but after riding it I think it flows pretty well, and it's fun to ride.

Anonymous said...

Must have just missed you last night. I thought the course was a lot of fun.