Friday, May 14, 2010


I got the Garmin Edge for myself for my Birthday. Here's my B-day ride. I know it's not a very exciting one, on the road and all. But I was excited I felt comfortable enough to begin doing intervals. For those expert "Edge'rs" if you have any tips on some cool things you can do with it outside the basics, let me know.
The arm feels great 6 weeks out, but all the research on rehab I can find still says I should just be getting out of a sling and beginning range of motion. It's really feeling strong, though. I hope to hit some easy dirt in the next week or so.
I had an 'interesting' birthday, yesterday. I spent the day with my "suspended from school" third grader! I never thought it would happen this soon! I don't think the act was bad enough for a suspension, but then parents never do. Anyway it was pretty cool hanging out with him and have a lot of "talk" time. I think it was a good life lesson for him and a memorable 44th for me.


KC said...

Umm...that is great about the riding. I am excited for you to hit some dirt. I can't imagine be gone for that long. You have exhibited excellent patience.
And what did he do!?

Anonymous said...

What a cool birthday present. I can't imagine your child doing anything wrong, he always seems to be on such good behavior. You have my curiousity peaked as to what happened?!?


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you got yourself a birthday present!!! So now I'm really off the hook?!?

Your Wife!