Monday, January 24, 2011

2010 RECAP

Here's 2010 for the Arantix and I- month to month.

Herniated disk with nerve damage. The grooves are not supposed to be there!
Rough start to 2010

Dot has Iliac clot and bypass surgery. No time to whine about my back. Had my Knee scoped and cartilage shaved since I was down anyway and I've been putting it off.

Gently back on the bike after rest and rehab. Can I salvage the year?
Tore my Pectoral muscle grappling in Karate. All things come in threes.
Orthopedist said I'd be out 6 months!

Against my better judgment raced the Draper race. Survived.

Drove from the cabin in the blizzard to race Deer Valley. It was postponed.
Did it a few days later. Did Taming the Tetons as well. It was good just to be back on wheels.
Got toasted at Solitude, but it was the first race I really pushed it.
Then took some R&R in Alaska then Hawaii.

Got back in time from Hawaii to do the Ogden 50K.
Finally feeling stronger.
Did 12 hours of Sundance with Carson. I over-estimated my recovery and strength. It hurt but was worth it.

24 hours of Moab. Finally felt back to "normal". I was ready for the season to begin. But it was over.

Took a bit of time off to get the Black.
Reflecting on the year in Sunny St George.

It was a rough start. Better end. As always-full. Good to see I could tackle some challenges. Good to see it end..........

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KanyonKris said...

That's a lot of setbacks for one year, yet you were patient and kept pushing forward.

Your black belt picture is awesome. With the shaved head you look totally kung-fu. "Snatch the pebble from my hand."

You went to Hawaii and Alaska and that doesn't deserve even one photo in the year recap? Just bikes? Reveal your priorities it has.