Sunday, January 23, 2011


This was race weekend for the first Temecula race of the year and I'm sitting at home! For several reasons we (Carson and I) decided at the last minute not to do it. One big reason was that I was looking forward to racing the 12 hours of Mesa Verde instead, this year. I missed it due to my injuries last year. Registration opened just about 10 days ago, I went to sign up Thursday, AND it was already closed! Damn!

I was so upset about it that I registered for the Leadville lottery and signed up for True Grit. True Grit is a first time 50 mile race in St George that looks like it will be pretty grueling. Can you imagine "racing" the Zen trail? It is on March 26th. Camp Linda coming up next week should be a good prep course for it-and then some.
Looking back from near the top of Zen trail last week
I'm also just getting over a damn cold which would have been a bitch to race with in Temecula. So it's been a good stay at home family weekend. We even got in some x-country skiing in.

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