Monday, January 17, 2011

First Ride of the New Year

Thanks to "professional" day for teachers and MLK for his holiday we had some time to skip out of this smog soup this weekend. Scott, Abby and family were heading south and with forcasts of 57 F we couldn't help but to head south to St George with them. Carson and family joined us. Friday was hike-with-the-family day in Snow Canyon (Had to get family commitment points in early).
Chris had a Stan's blow out

Then Saturday Chris and KC (ie tour guides) happened to blow into to town right around ride time- funny how they do that- and we were off. We first hit the Santa Clara area Barrel Roll trail system which was in 98% dry condition. Then Chris guided us through the not so dry wash connecting to the race course. We cruised that area ending at the Zen- which by Zen I was pooped. I managed to haul my arse back up the wash to the cars and headed back to the condos to soak in the jacuzzi. 4 hours ride time was not bad in 60 degree weather after a long cold holiday filled December.
Scott, grinding up Zen

The next day we hit Church Rocks and Prospector for a bit but my legs decided to sleep in. Excellent weekend with the riders and the family!

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KC said...

My legs were sluggish on Church Rocks and Prospector but came around later in the day--we headed back to Santa Clara. It was great riding with you guys. Hopefully there is lots more of it.