Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I spent the morning helping Geoffrey Montague at Delta 7 Sports putting together the ARANTIX II. Then I spent the afternoon riding it at Sundance. A GOOOOOD day!

New frame in front and old one in the back.

It's incredible how much TIGHTER the new set up is! There is essentially no rattle, I step on the pedal and there is no delay or give. She jumps. I am not sure why there seems to be such a big difference between the old and new, but here are a few possibilities.

1. The weave is MUCH tighter. The weaving process has been improved. You can barely see each layer of carbon fiber unlike the first prototype I was riding and the weight is .5 lbs lighter. The time to weave it has come down from 300 hours to about half that. Those BYU students learn fast! The production bikes also have improvements in the chain stays' and bottom bracket's stiffness, increased lateral stiffness in the head tube and rear dropouts with more chain clearance.

2. I upgraded to SRAM X-O deraileur and Grip shifters. The old XTR shifters were worn and the cables were loose. Maybe it was the type of components or just NEW components.

3. Course- The Sundance course was nicely packed, firm and moist. It's usually powdery when I've been on it in the past.

Either way I am stoked at how good it felt. I'm going up to Corner canyon in the morning if anyone can get off and wants to meet me.

So a new generation has begun. I had the honor of riding the first ARANTIX ever made which lasted 2925 mountain miles and 320 hours of hard riding. I am definitely impressed. Now I am on the production bike and am excited to see more of them out there! Production is under way full strength. They have a sales team in France right now at a large bike trial event.


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