Sunday, May 10, 2009


The last time I bonked like this was at the Sea Otter race last year, but I kind of expected it.

I had my belt (First Ban Bu) test Friday evening which consisted of a two mile run (6:29 min miles) and two hours of pushups, pullups, kicks, punches, form, defense techniques etc. My body was pretty sore race time. So I started out strong hanging with Darren in 5th and 6th for 1 1/2 laps and I was thinking hey maybe my legs aren't so bad so I passed him. I was going pretty good for another lap when the legs completely gave out. It was that proverbial wall, my ATP was gone, I was deflated (you get the picture). You know it's bad when instead of looking in front to try to catch the next racer you are looking back praying the next guy coming up isn't in your class. The last lap was awful. I tried taking water and even the CarboRocket failed me this time. Although, I must say my legs or calves did not cramp up like they did last year. My gut cramped and finally I had to drop to the dreaded granny gear to get up the last climb! How embarassing! I was actually surprised I still pulled out a seventh place. OH well at least I'm closer to a black belt! Maybe I can kick anybodies ass that wants to pass me? Just kidding:)

Anyone with more info on the new Draper course? I am planning on a MADDOG pre-ride Monday the 18th but open to all.

ARANTIX MILES: 2750 and 300 hours!


Daren said...

Remind me to asked nicely to pass you next time. I figured something had to be up when you weren't there on the 3rd lap.

Draper's going to be fun. The Ghost Falls downhill is a blast. However, the course is now about 85% single track so passing will be a challenge.

Brad Mullen said...

Black Belt! Wow. That means I can be a little more mouthy at dumb riders when I'm out with you. That's a nice. Congrats on the belt, sorry about the bonk.

ER Dad said...

Sorry Brad, that's not a black belt yet. I'm two belts away. Maybe next year about this time. But no need changing your mouthiness. It works for you :)

reabbotted said...

Wow. I didn't even know you were into martial arts. Now you can kick peoples butts and heal them afterwards.

Good to see you at the race. Will you be doing Soldier?