Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Wow what happened Monday? I got up excited that the rain was gone, the sun was out, we were going to race, there was going to be a party and a one hour delay was perfect to have time to relax and get ready. I was feeling strong and rested.

The boys' race was fun. They raced their heart out for 15-20 minutes.

Then Dot's race went off. It was fun watching her where several of the lower bush loops doubled back. It really is a fun venue for spectators. She pulled out a very respectable 5th despite the rude fat sport guy that ran her off the trail. That's probably one of the few times I felt like I wanted to beat up someone for her since I know she can normally take care of her self. I at least wanted to give him an education of MTB racing etiquete but who knows where that would have lead. Except I had no clue who he was. Did anyone else see who this dude was?
Dot looks like she floats across that stream with those big 29ers and her light weight!

Alas, The time came for me to race. I had lost my focus and was eager to head to the BBQ. Anyway, I started dead last which was consistant with my plan from Soldier Hollow. And then I passed a few guys and felt like I was moving up. Then I made my old mistake. It was going to be a short race so I pushed myself too hard up the road and by the third lap I flamed out. It wasn't as bad as Sherwood but not how I wanted to run it. I ended 9th out of 14th.

I had a great time with the team at the BBQ but my battery died, so no pics. Sorry.

Now the GOOD news! The new ARANTIX frame is in! With luck I'll have it put together for Sundance else early next week.

ARANTIX MILES: 2925! Will I hit 3000 before it is retired?

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