Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hammerfest at Soldier Hollow- NO EXCUSES

After the terrible showing at Sherwood, I decided to rest up last week and recover. The week and race surprisingly went as planned.

I felt rested, if not very strong at the start of the race. I told myself I would run this race as I usually plan but never execute. I always burn out too fast, so I told myself I would not go out too hard this race. So I started off relatively easy being 5th off the back. It hurt the ego but I forced myself into my own race. It really hurt more when another rider in my category passed me towards the end of the first lap. Diligently, I maintained a nice steady pace, a bit dejected but somehow feeling that I had plenty of time. Half way into the second lap on the long climb I was surprised by how quickly I came upon that same rider. On the decent he caught me but I was not going to let him pass since I was feeling strong and new I would only have to work to pass him again. Once we hit the open descents I dropped him pretty quickly and felt energized. Next, I saw Tim White standing off to the side with what I assumed was a mechanical. I thought I might be seeing him again behind me though. Right after that I turned one of the corners in the lower grassy sections and saw three other riders from my category just up the small climb. I stood up and hammered past two of them and within 10 seconds passed the third racer who had just passed the other two. I heard a surprised gasp and deflated kind of UUHg from him and new I wasn't going to see them again. Then shortly thereafter, I saw Tim passing the same three and was wondering how long it would take him to catch me. I forced myself back into my steady pace and by the time the third lap came around I lost sight of Tim. That was the most excitement I had during the race. The third lap I was feeling worn but managed to pass Jessy, then spun a bit to work off a feeling of pending cramps, recovered and continued on. I never saw another rider in my category on that lap. I was too far off the front group to catch up, either.

Ultimately, I placed 5th. A couple minutes behind Bob Saffal but 6 minutes ahead of my last years time! I don't think I had much more to offer but I was not cramping and dying at the end either. It was a well executed race for the level I'm at. I have a better feeling where my legs are at which I hope can translate into a better idea of what I got to do to train. We'll see.

Draper pre-ride tomorrow and then the NEW Draper race Monday. Bob S is still in love with it but I am concerned that it is shorter and therefore will not give me enough time to catch the group as in this race. We'll see.

Dot, unfortunately, missed the turnoff to the 12 and under loop because the sign was knocked down and ended last. She was in Fourth at the time. She was REALLY upset. Sorry Dear.



Anonymous said...

Good job out there, great finish! Lets ride the draper course this week.

StupidBike said...

I knew you had to of finished well, then you left me hangin on the podium.

See ya next week.

ER Dad said...

Brad, Bob, Let me know when you are planning on riding the course this week. I'd love to try it with you guys. I rode it today. Still haven't changed my opinion.