Sunday, June 14, 2009


This was the best part of the race- Riding with Joey.

I started off well up the climb and towards the end of the first lap I was still with the front group! What? At that point I was thinking that I probably went out too hard so I slowed it up a bit but was still feeling strong on the second climb at the start of the second lap. I still had Rich in my sights but was not able to close the gap up the climb. The second lap was when the trouble started. I was heading down the back side down the tight single track when something in the grass caught my pedal and sent me off the bike after about 40 feet of trying to hang on like a bronco buster. I lost a couple spots there while trying to get my chain back on. That took the wind out of my sails for a while. I got back into it on the third lap and gained back a spot but then my chain came off the front two more times (The wreck must have thrown off the derailer alignment). I was frustrated and tired of passing people that I already passed before. I guess I kind of gave up the effort. I came out of it scratched up but in one piece and licking my wounds in 8th place. It was a race I really wasn't too focused on having done some longer rides this week to get ready for the 12 hours of Nordic Rim next Saturday. Carson got a strong 6th so I hope he can pull me at the 12 hour.

Lined up and raring dto go. Joey did all three tough laps! Jonny took a tough 4th again.

Dot pulled out a second! But as you could tell from her hair, she had to really work for it. Jen seemed to have faired better in third :)


Keith said...

K and C were encouraging me to move up and race with you, but the thought of a third lap at or even near your speed makes me worried. Frustrating about the crash and mech. those things always seem to drain focus.

StupidBike said...

Karl, glad your bones made it through the wreck. You are riding strong, keep at it and it will pay off.

Keith, come on up, set a precedent, we have been shaming Sneed all season long.