Sunday, June 7, 2009

Double Trail Work Week

Interesting that Brad beat me to the self flagalation of not doing trail work in the past (by one hour). So yes, I've been riding these wonderful Utah trails for years and finally decided to volunteer to work on some. It must be a sign of maturity. Right? Anyway, I now have done two in one week! Last blog I mentioned the Corner Canyon flagging now nicely covered by Brad. And then yesterday I met up with my family and some Mad Dog team members at Sundance for 4 hours of trail work.

Joey was very helpful trimming trail weeds but sometime got overzealous and was blazing his own trail. I was pretty proud of both the boys (and Dot). They really worked the whole 4 hours without whining, getting hurt or hurting anyone else!

So at one point we came along a large rock in the trail; so instead of trying to move it we decided to make it into a jump. Naturally I had to go back with the ARANTIX II and give it a try. It's not too bad but has a pretty flat landing. We may have to revise it next time a bit.

Here's Dave being extra safe and displaying his team colors while working on the trail.

It was good to give back but I'd still rather be riding.

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Keith said...

Glad you tested it out. Was a bit worried about it! Should be interesting for the weekly race.

Thanks again for your support of the team, it's great to have you, Dot and the boys with us.