Friday, June 5, 2009

Mother Biker and her bikelings

I love watching the family riding in front of me. It congers up images of the mother goose and her ducklings that I've seen around several times this spring.

We had a family biking afternoon which I've been trying to promote more for the boys. So we shuttled us up Corner Canyon road to the BST parking area. It's funny how much easier it is to get there with a vehicle. We took them South along the BST and back down the fireroad to the bottom of CC. They then rode to the Library (Brains and Brawn program) while I rode back up to pick up the truck. I was disappointed when the boys didn't want to do the loop once more. They wanted to stay at the Library longer. I'll have to work on those priorities this summer.

Before the family ride I TT'd Clark's and got a new personal best of 10:47. I think it was the new ARANTIX II that made the difference.

ARANTIX II miles: 135

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