Thursday, June 4, 2009


I headed up Clark's and TT'd it at 11:03 (4 sec slower than last year) and kept going over the top to Lambert Park.

There I was treated with the most spectacular field of Poppy's along "Poppy" trail (Huh, I wonder how they came up with that name?).

Lamberts is a very fun maze of trails I keep vowing to do more often. So anyone interested in Corner Canyon to Lamberts this Sunday noonish give me a holler.

I found the Alpine trail system and headed south and ended up at the mouth of AF canyon. Cool! Single track all the way! Then I realized I had to ride back too! It was all good though.

That evening I met up with Jamie P, BK and John? for some bush whacking and trail marking of the new bike only DH in Corner Canyon. More to come on that.


UtRider said...

Can I post your 11:03 on the Clarks TT blog?

ER Dad said...

UtRider- Hold off. I aim to beat that soon. No use posting a slower time than what I've already done. Right?