Thursday, May 22, 2008

ARANTIX 69'r !

On the way back from Sea Otter we had a lot of time and Carson and Chris got into brainstorming and thought that 29 inch wheels would be something to try on the ARANTIX. The rear triangle is fixed so what about a new front fork set? Carson made some measurements and felt it would work. Chris and KC had a new 29 inch fork. I liked the idea!

Well I brought this up kind of half jokingly to Lester at Delta7sports and he was all over it! Kudos to the Delta7sports team, they are innovators and have been very supportive of Carson and I. Well here it is! Tyler at Delta 7 sports helped me (he did most of it) put on the Reba 29 inch race fork . I borrowed Carsons (thanks buddy) front wheel and had the ARANTIX 69'R on the Draper race course the same day.

Wow! She sure sings down Clark's trail! She has all the climbing power I love but now she corners smooth and rolls right over the bumps and drops! I'm sold!

By the way, Clark's trail is beautiful with blue spring flowers lining the sides. They'll be spectacular for the race.

634 miles on the ARANTIX to date and she's got a new look!


KC said...

That is awesome. i am glad that you like it. has carson been convinced yet?

ER Dad said...

Carson was going to try it today at the pre-ride (if it happens). We'll see.