Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sherwood Hills, Logon race

I got 5th (or last) depending on how you want to look at it. I'd say I felt like I was fifth. This is the closest I've been to the front so far! I was actually 3rd for a while and only 3 minutes separated first and last! The times were close enough that it could have been a much different podium group. The race course was perfect for the Arantix. The tight wheel base was excellent for the tight smooth turns in the trees. She held together through the muddy sections well and NO malfunctions! The Arantix and I were plugging along well into the 4th lap when that darn cramping in the quads returned! I lost momentum and I new it was over. I've got several theories on what's happening and am going to make a few corrections to remedy this issue for the next race. Stay tuned for what happens next week.

The race over all was pretty interesting. The first race was the beginners and women 35 +. They suffered! It had hailed the night before and the course was really wet! Dot had to actually get off her bike to declogg the rear triangle (as I am sure most of the racers did). She took first by 12 minutes. Not sure how she did it when she had to get off and had slide into a tree. What a mess the bikes were! Next the sport groups went and by the second lap it had dried up so that the course was getting pretty fast. Finally, by the time our group of expert and pro's went it was smooth, dry and packed! There were some short muddy spots left over but nothing that was remotely an issue for us.


Remember; the rate limiting component in cycling is the engine. Ride on.....

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